Lavievert Ultrathin Snug Fit Sleeve Great Price

Lavievert Ultrathin Snug Fit Sleeve Soft Neoprene (Water Resistance) Laptop Notebook Bag Case Sleeve Cover for 13" Apple Macbook Pro / Macbook Air / Macbook Pro with Retina and Most 13-13.3 Inches Ultrabook / Notebook / Laptop - Blue

Lavievert Ultrathin Snug Fit Sleeve Soft Neoprene (Water Resistance) Laptop Notebook Bag Case Sleeve Cover for 13

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A Fairly Basic Cover for the Apple MacBook Pro which Needs a Few Improvements
This is a reasonable value laptop cover, which I've given to my daughter for her Apple MacBook Pro. It's made of a soft and flexible neoprene, which is a type of rubber and has a distinctive rubbery smell. It reminds me of the smell of quality inverted pimple rubbers on expensive table tennis bats. I know from my long term ownership of numerous expensive table tennis bats, that the rubbery smell does fade a little over time but not completely, and I expect that it will be the same with this laptop cover. You can only detect the smell if you hold the cover fairly close to your face, so it probably wouldn't bother most people.
The cover is claimed by the manufacturer to be water resistant rather than waterproof, I haven't tested that because my daughter uses her Apple MacBook indoors only, her iPad is for use away from the house. There's a slot in the cover for you to slip your laptop in and out, but it doesn't have a zip or stud or other fastening, which would be preferable. It's...
Product Features

  • Give your precious device a new look with this high quality bag in pure color when you go to school, work or travel.
  • Durable neoprene material can perfectly protect your device from dust, dirt and accidental scratches. Be able to withstand occasional splashes or drips.
  • Reversible design allows you to turn over the sleeve for use according to different occasions. Turnover the blue one to a black one, it is easy-match to your outfit.
  • Slim and lightweight to carry, smooth to slide the sleeve into your backpack, briefcase or other bag. Special designed flap keeps your precious device securely inside.
  • Forget to bring mouse pad? Don't worry, this sleeve can be used as a mouse pad on both sides, it's always ready to meet with your mouse. Suitable for 13'' Macbook, Dell: Inspiron 13z, XPS 13, Latitude E4310, HP: Pavilion 13, Lenovo: IdeaPad U310 / Yoga 13, ThinkPad X301, Acer: Aspire S3 / S7 Ultrabook, Asus: X301A, UL30A, Samsung: ATIV Book 9, Sony: VAIO SVD13 / SVP13, Toshiba: CB35-A3120 Chromebook

Product descriptions
Description : Product features:

1. Protect product, to prevent wear and tear.

2. The elastic material reduces the impact and abrasion of the products.

3. Lightweight and comfortable, it can also be used for independent carrying.

4. Vogue design, designed by excellent designer.

5. Could be used for a long time without deformation.

6. Anti-dust, static, scratches.

About size:

This bag is specially made to fit 13 inches Macbook Pro with Retina, 13 inches Macbook Air, 13 inches Macbook Pro.

Also the bag fits most popular 13-13.3 inches laptop / notebook / ultrabook computers, including:

Dell: Inspiron 13z, XPS 13, Latitude E4310, etc

HP: Pavilion 13, etc

Lenovo: IdeaPad U310 / Yoga 13, ThinkPad X301, etc

Acer: Aspire S3 / S7 Ultrabook, etc

Asus: X301A, UL30A, etc

Samsung: ATIV Book 9, etc

Sony: VAIO SVD13 / SVP13, etc

Toshiba: CB35-A3120 Chromebook, etc

Colour: Blue

Package includes: 1 x laptop sleeve

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