True Utility TU307 Stash-Lite Top Price

True Utility TU307 Stash-Lite

True Utility TU307 Stash-Lite

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Product Features

  • True Utility Pocket Tools Essentials
  • Approximate dimensions: 7.5 x 2 x 2 cm

Product descriptions
Description : True Utility Stash Lite Flashlight

This stylish ultra bright water resistant flashlight and stash measures only 75mm and attaches to your key-ring. Not only does it light your way, but hides spare cash, matches, fishing hooks or simply headache pills. 4 x long life batteries included.

0.5W LED white light, 30 lumens, twist On/Off light, high quality neoprene O rings throughout for water resistance, key-ring spinner, 4 x AG13 batteries included, hollow compartment in body with cash clip.

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