Discover with Dr. Cool Geode Great Price

Discover with Dr. Cool Geode Explorer Science Kit

Discover with Dr. Cool Geode Explorer Science Kit

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Great value and so much fun.
This was great, we had all the kids over and their ages range from 7-13, they all had great fun, I think the fact that the geodes are so hard to get into only added to the interest for the kids, the geodes were various sizes and the bigger they, were the hard they are to get into so it really is worth using the hammer and chisel to get in there. The kids were delighted they got a variety of crystals. Don't be tempted to just smash it, the fun was in the time it took the kids to find their treasure.

I received this product at a discount in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Product Features

  • This Explorer Geode Kit Features 7 Real Geodes
  • Kit Contains 3 Different Types of Geodes so that you can compare different crystal formations
  • Full-Color Adventure guide explains all about how geodes were formed and lets you identify the crystals inside
  • Winner of multiple awards for the quality of the geodes inside this kit
  • Activity booklet contains 10 wonderful puzzles and games for hours of extra fun and learning

Product descriptions
Description : Crack open and explore premium geodes brimming with shimmering crystals ready to be discovered. Take a closer look and admire their formations. Use the guide to identify the type. Geodes range in size from 1.5-2" in diameter. Safety glasses, information guide and activity booklet included. New 2013

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