iGADGET? Top rated #1 Heavy Offers

iGADGET? Top rated #1 Heavy Duty Reuseable Hook and Loop White Velcro Strap, Hooks and Loops White Velcro Tape, White Velcro Cable Ties with ideal length to use as Double sided Electrical tape for wire cable tidy 20mm x 180mm - 20 Pack White

iGADGET? Top rated #1 Heavy Duty Reuseable Hook and Loop White Velcro Strap, Hooks and Loops White Velcro Tape, White Velcro Cable Ties with ideal length to use as Double sided Electrical tape for wire cable tidy 20mm x 180mm - 20 Pack White

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An Excellent Set Of Heavy Duty Fasteners. (Great For The Mother In Law's Brooms)
If you are like me with a 3 dimensional model of Spaghetti Junction made from cables behind you various devices you will need a few of these beasts.

But their uses don't stop there.
Because they are high quality you can use and reuse them over and over again.

Now I don't need to tell you of all those times, places and situations that you need such a device- I feel sure you can think of quite a few.

Connect them together and you can secure most things, posts, dogs and the mother in Law's broomstick and the Mother in Law too if that takes your fancy!

What you do need to know is that these are a really good set of heavy duty Velcro fasteners and for this low low price are an absolute bargain.

Note like quite a few other reviewers the a supplier provided me with this product in exchange for an honest review. This has not affected my review. This is an excellent product.

Product Features

  • HEAVY DUTY, STRONG AND REUSABLE VELCRO TAPE CABLE TIES WITH 180MM X 20MM (best size for cable management) - A pack of thick black heavy duty velcro tape cable ties suitable for neatly and strongly holding Audio Video cables, Electrical cables or other DIY cables in place tidying up mess and improving system performance
  • ***5 STAR REVIEWS*** BEST QUALITY & BEST VALUE ON AMAZON - 100% NYLON MATERIAL, MORE DURABLE AND LASTS LONGER - Each cable strap tie is 180mm (length) x 20mm (width) with strong velcro capable of holding in place upto 6-10 average size cables. Ideal to use as electrical tape. The velcro tape will fasten all the cables and hold them securely and safely. Unlike cable ties, you can open this velro strap electrical strap at a moment's notice and then refasten the cables, it is as easy as that!
  • USED BY PROFESSIONALS AND DIY ENTHUSISASTS ALIKE - Our velcro cable is used by Custom Install professionals in high end installs. No fuss quality retail packaging and also available in custom colours like White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red - ask us for your favourite color!
  • USE THEM TO ORGANISE COMPUTER DESK WIRING, OFFICE DESKS, HOME CINEMAS, CUSTOM INSTALLATIONS ETC - Using iGADGET cable ties improves the look and feel of installation as well as improves system performance as power cables can be held away from audio video cables to avoid interference with your picture on TV
  • 5 YEAR LIMITED MANUFACTURER WARRANTY, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Reusable and the velcro adhesive remains strong after multiple use unlike other velcro cable ties. 10% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE ON US! CONTACT US WITH YOUR ORDER NUMBER FOR YOUR PROMOTION CODE NOW!

Product descriptions
Description : The Original iGADGET Heavy Duty 100% Nylon Reusable Velcro Cable Ties

A pack of iGADGET heavy duty strong self gripping velcro cable ties suitable for holding electrical cables neatly and strongly, tidying up any mess and improving system performance.

Optimum Size
Each of iGADGET Velcro Cable Straps are strong with 180mm (length) x 20mm (width) and are capable of holding upto 6-10 average size cables or equivalent weight, provides perfect cable management.

Get rid of Messy wires!
iGADGET cable ties help you tie all the messy wires into manageable chunk whether it is behind the TV cabinet, computer desk or your commercial offices. Organise all your cables neatly in one place.

Improve System Performance
Do you ever get a distorted TV picture due to weak signal or felt that perfect audio track is not sounding so perfect?
The potential cause of this can be Electromagnetic Interference usually caused by combining your electrical and communication cables which should be ideally kept atleast 5 inches away from each other using a velcro cable tie or another cable organiser.

Durable and Easy to Use
Simply wrap around a single wire or bundle of cables and join the velcro, perfect for securing data cables, electrical cables or any other DIY jobs.

Use it for Lifetime!
Reusable velcro cable straps and the velcro adhesive remains strong even after multiple use. The material is 100% Nylon and designed to last longer.

Buy with confidence as we back our product with 5 YEAR MANUFACTURER WARRANTY for your Peace of Mind. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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