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The Best Business Writing 2014 (Columbia Journalism Review Books)

The Best Business Writing 2014 (Columbia Journalism Review Books)

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A fascinating collection
Some readers may feel that the contents of "The Best Business Writing 2014" is likely to be rather dry; but, as this collection shows, 'business' touches almost every aspect of our lives This anthology, which consists chiefly of US newspaper and magazine articles, covers topics as diverse as homelessness in New York, Russell Brand's take on the GQ awards, the journey of a t-shirt from cotton field to shop, the excesses of Wall Street, the dangers of American football, and Amazon's avoidance of state sales tax. Highlights include Susan Faludi's bracing and sceptical examination of the 'lean in' phenomenon, an illuminating piece on rule-making in Washington, and an unnerving investigation into the dangers of paracetamol (dangers downplayed by the manufacturers of drugs such as Tylenol).

The overall intent of the pieces is dissent and exposé. Taken together they make for fascinating but depressing reading as again and again journalists reveal situations in which the...
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Description : This anthology of the year's best investigative business writing explores the secret dealings of....

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