Samsung Galaxy S4 Privacy Screen Best Price

Samsung Galaxy S4 Privacy Screen Protector (Pack of 1)

Samsung Galaxy S4 Privacy Screen Protector (Pack of 1)

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Product Features

  • This Screen Protector has a privacy finish which stops people sitting next to you reading your screen.
  • Privacy Screen protectors are best for people who want to stop any prying eyes from viewing your screen.
  • Protects against scratches, leaves no markings when removed and feels great to touch
  • The reason for the split between Positive and Negative Reviews is because of counterfeit Mobi Lock products sold under our Mobi Lock Brand. Therefore the majority of the negative reviews are not a true reflection of the quality of the product. Mobi Lock is a registered Trade Mark owned by Lock Sourcing Limited so please make sure you order from Lock Sourcing Limited in order to avoid receiving lower quality products. Sellers selling under our brand will be prosecuted in accordance with the Law.
  • Please note that it can be difficult to apply a Screen Protector to a device so we suggest that you view and follow this online tutorial before attempting it. This will help you avoid bubbles and get the best results from your Screen Protector:

Product descriptions

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