Silverstone SST-AP181 18cm Air Penetrator Top Price

Silverstone SST-AP181 18cm Air Penetrator PC Fan

Silverstone SST-AP181 18cm Air Penetrator PC Fan

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Good fan, covers all the basics
This fan did not come with the manual or screw pack mentioned in the description. The box was sealed with SilverStone stickers so the omission was most likely at their end. I did not need any of these so didn't look to RMA it.

The Air Penetrator idea (a focused column of air) is reasonable, however it doesn't seem to take into account people using it as an exhaust fan. If you're using it as an exhaust fan the air column shape isn't going to matter. Also note that at time of writing you cannot easily source an 18cm fan filter. So if you are using this as a panel intake to focus on your CPU/motherboard either it'll be laying down unfiltered air or you'll be DIYing your own filter from tights (Google it).

A previous reviewer mentioned voltage reduction cables. I received no such cables nor was I expecting to, as the fan has a switch marked LT that toggles the fan's speed. Unfortunately the switch is on a very long lead (it isn't attached to the fan) to suit certain...
Product Features

  • Industry leading air channeling fan
  • Wide fan blades for reducing air resistance
  • Integrated air channeling grille double as fan guard to reduce overall size
  • Low power consumption

Product descriptions
Description : Silverstone SST-AP181 - SST-AP181 Air Penetrator 180mm FAN 700/1200rpm

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