Bandridge 100m Audioflex Stereo RCA Top Price

Bandridge 100m Audioflex Stereo RCA Cable Reel - Black

Bandridge 100m Audioflex Stereo RCA Cable Reel - Black

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Out of Stock when items claimed to be in stock
Very annoying as the money was taken up front (as with one other company) saying that more than one reel was in stock. However, no reels were in stock at all and their supplier had also run out of stock with a delivery expected at the end of August, so I did not receive my order!

Companies should not advertise that they hold numbers of an item in stock and take money for them without actually checking as it is very disappointing and a pain. However, the refund was made very promptly in fairness.

Product Features

  • 2 x 3.0 Stereo RCA Cable
  • Perfect for demanding installations
  • 100 m cable on reel with convenient cable marking
  • Black

Product descriptions
Description : This is the Bandridge AudioFlex Stereo RCA Cable [LC3216]

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