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SRM/TECH Carbon Fibre Record Brush & Stylus Cleaning Kit

SRM/TECH Carbon Fibre Record Brush & Stylus Cleaning Kit

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Five Stars
Perfect, records sound much better.

Product Features

  • This is probably the best Stylus Cleaning Kit on the market. The fluid is specially formulated to effectively clean the delicate stylus safely with any excess fluid quickly evaporating. The supplied soft haired brush does the job perfectly and the 10ml bottle contains enough fluid to clean the stylus many times.
  • In a recent magazine review by Hi-Fi Choice they said 'I dipped the supplied brush into the Stylus Cleaner and drew it gently from the back of the stylus, forward, a few times, then allowed a couple of minutes for any residual liquid to evaporate. This resulted in a sharpening of the tonal textures and a further reduction in the presence of any remaining surface noise to the point of near non-existence.'
  • Praise indeed for this superb kit. Also included is our Anti-Static carbon Fibre Record Brush with over 1.5 million fibres.
  • This brush is ideal for normal dry record cleaning and works well at dislodging dust. It also appears to dissipate static nicely.The hinged protector is designed to clean the dust off the fibres each time it is snapped shut.
  • Our usual price for these two products is ?20.00 so you save ?5 by buying the package.

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