Elastic Lock Shoelaces For Running Offers

Elastic Lock Shoelaces For Running & Triathlon - Brown

Elastic Lock Shoelaces For Running & Triathlon - Brown

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Great for Walking
I bought these after a hip replacement, as bending to tie laces was difficult/painful, to the extent of putting me off walking and slowing my recovery. I use them in my walking shoes/trainers, 6 holes each side. I found them plenty long enough, and ended up cutting off around 2 to 3 inches after knotting and toggle fitting. I recommend getting a long shoe horn to use, but with that I find the shoes so much easier to fit it is making my walks pleasant again. I found there was slightly more movement of the shoe on the foot than with normal laces, but have not found this a problem even after several miles. I would recommend them.

Product Features

  • Keeps your laces securely fastened.
  • Quicker triathlon changeover.
  • Quick & easy one time set-up.

Product descriptions
Description : A fast and efficient lacing system ideal for marathon, triathlon and running. The lock system keeps your laces secure and tight, never tie your shoelaces again!

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