LINDY CROMO IEM-75 Earphones Top Price

LINDY CROMO IEM-75 Earphones

LINDY CROMO IEM-75  Earphones

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Less leakage so lower the volume
The earphones come with three different sized ear buds that ensure a really comfortable fit, they feel good in the ear, light and not too intrusive.
I was pleasantly surprised just how much extraneous noise is eliminated with well-fitting ear buds. I was able to play my music at a lower volume and still receive the same quality of sound without leakage - I am sure audiologists would be pleased to hear this. The sound quality from these earphones is excellent, good quality bass with no brassy sound and crystal clear higher pitched tones.

My only concern is the slim-line, lightweight cable casing - it makes for an excellent jogging companion but I am wondering if it will crack with repeated bending. My fears may be unfounded but for now, I am really happy with the earphones and can't really fault them.

Product Features

  • Award winning, Hi-Fi dual driver earphones from one of Europe's leading suppliers of professional audio and video products. Expert Reviews 5 Stars and AVForums Recommended Award winners.
  • Featuring an advanced dual driver design for a more spacious, defined sound, each earpiece contains 15mm and 7mm drivers to deliver bass, mid and high frequencies - perfect for listening to lossless and high bitrate audio.
  • Designed for optimum comfort and performance. Perfect as a high end upgrade for your iPod, iPhone, iPad, smartphone and MP3 player they offer superior sound reproduction whilst also benefitting from a stylish, portable in-ear design.
  • Noise isolating to help deliver the best performance and form a barrier to external noise, allowing you to completely focus on your music.
  • High quality construction with chrome metal earpieces and supplied with handy carry pouch and three different sized ear-buds. The IEM-75s are presented in a unique jewellery style gift box making them ideal as a gift for Hi-Fi and audio enthusiasts.

Product descriptions
Description : Superior dual driver earphones for high quality accurate sound Dual driver design incorporates 15mm and 7mm drivers into a single earpiece Stylish CROMO design Sound isolating design to reduce the effect of ambient noise Supplied in a unique gift box with a handy carry pouch and with 3 exchangeable ear tips Designed for optimum comfort and performance Also see our popular Active Noise Cancelling Headphones and Premium Hi-Fi Headphones.

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