Rowenta Compact Valet Vertical Steamer Best Price

Rowenta Compact Valet Vertical Steamer IS6200 - Blue/Black

Rowenta Compact Valet Vertical Steamer IS6200 - Blue/Black

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On the fence? DO IT!
I was on the fence about buying this - especially as my research found several "infomercials" that seemed a bit scammy. However, I decided to take the risk as I was desperate to find an alternative to ironing.

My first couple of uses of this were disappointing. While it did take creases out, it took just as long as a conventional iron. Nevertheless, I persevered, and now the whole process is considerably quicker. I think it just took some getting used to. Would recommend!

Note: don't get rid of your ironing board, I find steaming with clothes on the ironing board is very effective.

Product Features

  • Excellent steam penetration to easily remove wrinkles on all kinds of fabric
  • Quickly refresh and remove odours from garments
  • Easy to manoeuvre thanks to the "Tilt and Go" system
  • Integrated hanger with garment clips: very convenient for steaming all types of clothes
  • Fast heat up - ready in 60 seconds.- Screen in video NOT included -

Product descriptions

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