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A.A. Gill is Further Away

A.A. Gill is Further Away

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Almost like being there.
This is a terrific book.

He writes with a real sense of individual style, using metaphors, phrases and ideas which bring the world of travel to life. This is a set of short essays on places, near and far, as well as more general issues, like ageing and dyslexia. Everyone of his pieces makes you ponder about your own views, entertains you with his wit and humour, and simply makes you (well me in any case) think that you could never write as well as he does. Some people might dismiss him as a bit of a clever dick, but I have learned an awful lot from these pieces. He wears his undoubted knowledge very lightly indeed.

There are now places I want to go to as a result of what he's written, and there are places which I'm not sure I ever wanted to go which I'm now absolutely certain, because of what he writes, that I'll never visit.

However, it's his piece on "Dyslexia" which brought me up to a shuddering halt. It appears out of nowhere, and is a real...
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Description : A.A. Gill is Further Away A new collection of dazzling travel pieces from SUNDAY TIMES journalist and critic A.A. GILL. Full description

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