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Deliciously Sweet Revenge!!!
"Being Julia" is one of those old-fashioned "theatre" movies that they simply don't make any more (but fortunately for us, they did!). Based on a story by W. Somerset Maugham, the film is set in London of the 1930s just after Prime Minister Chamberlain had declared that there would be "peace in our time."
This entire delicious concoction is under the brilliant direction of Istvan Szabo. The production, however, would not have been so magnificently authentic without the design of Lucianna Arrighi (who deservedly won an Academy Award for "Howard's End", and also designed "Remains of the Day" and "Anna and the King"). Arrighi has created the atmosphere of the thirties down to the last art deco knife and fork. Arrighi's sets sweep us back to that elegant era before the world lost its innocence.
Julia, so beautifully acted by Annette Bening, is a pampered, self-absorbed leading lady of the West-End Stage. Bored with her own success as well as her...
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