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Don't Want To Miss A Thing

Don't Want To Miss A Thing

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great easy read! recommended! 4.5stars
as there are so many reviews detailing what the book is about i will go straight ahead with my review.i have read only one other book from this author and quite enjoyed it,but this one was far better.this book is so much more than what is written on the back.there's more than one person's story being told.the characters are diverse and multifaceted and the book is paced well.its what i would term an easy read,though that does not mean that it is dull or contains little intrigue or plot.however,at times it can be somewhat predictable,but it is so well written it doesn't take anything away from the book.
i know some people don't always like so many sub stories told within a book,and i understand that it can take away from the original story,but in my opinion in this book it only enhances it.all the stories intertwine with one another and make up an overall great book.maybe at times its not the most realistic of tales, but its fiction after all,it doesn't always have to be for it to...
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