Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Top Price

Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer

Garmin Edge 200 GPS Bike Computer

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Absolutely understated and under sold by Garmin's own sales blurb...
I bought this as a replacement for my old Garmin Foretrex 101 that I'd been using on the bike. This is a far more simple unit aimed purely at cycling as opposed to being a general GPS unit.

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it's come in very handy, including using it to navigate a 57 mile route this Sunday just gone.

I have to say, I love the thing.

It's small, but not too small to be difficult to see.
It's waterproof. No worrying about using it in the rain.
It's simple. The user interface has been reduced to the bare essentials so makes for easy navigation of all the options.
It lasts hours and hours. I can't envisage a possibility of having the battery run out on this thing.
Garmin plugins for the web browser means you can upload activities to Garmin Connect straight over the web. No messing about with gpx files etc.
It can be used for both recording data about a ride (as you ride) or can be used to record data...
Product Features

  • Small, lightweight, high-sensitivity GPS bike computer
  • Tracks your time, distance, speed, location and calories burned
  • Set alerts for distance, time or calories to help with your goals
  • Includes 'courses' feature which lets you challenge your times on previous rides
  • Compatible with Garmin Connect, a virtual training community where you can review your rides

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