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It'sJane Austen, but not as we know it.
Many associate Jane Austen with lively, witty heroines and the joys that come from the triumph of charm and humour over stupidity and formality. That's why so many consider Mansfield Park an abberation, a miserable moralistic tale that is only enlivened by funny caricatures and some entertaining episodes. I disagree with this view. In this book, Jane Austen is showing us that while humour and personality can animate and delight us, there are other things that should not be overlooked. Things like love, respect and integrity. And when Fanny "wins" in the end, I am glad for her. She has been true to what she believes, and while she would probably be as much fun to be with as a pile of paving slabs, she did well to keep her head, "when all about [her] were losing theirs." It goes without saying that the book is a masterpiece, and not one word of it is wasted. It is bursting with incisive - if not cheeky - observations of the strange workings of society (then AND now), and we are...
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Fanny is brought up with her cousins, Tom, Edmund, Maria, and Julia. She is treated as an extra pair of hands except that is, by Edmund.During her uncle's absence at his estates in the West Indeies, both Maria, (who is engaged to the stupid and wealthy Mr. Rushford), and Julia, fall in love with the fascinating Mr. Crawford, who is a man of little heart.He, however, courts the gentle Fanny who has no doubts about his bad character!

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