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Panasonic DMC-TZ25EB-R Compact Camera - Red (12.1MP, 16x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD

Panasonic DMC-TZ25EB-R Compact Camera - Red (12.1MP, 16x Optical Zoom) 3 inch LCD

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A step up from basic point and shoot
This is an initial review - I will update with more detail after a few weeks, but here are the first impressions:

I'm not a hobbyist photographer, so this is what I think as an enthusiastic amateur. I checked all the reviews first, and this meets high expectations. I want the best pictures I can get without relying my skill - hence this camera. This fits the bill: it's cleverer about photographs than I am. I also need something I'll take with me - so not too bulky. I spend time outdoors, so particularly wanted a wide angle.


- It is quite bulky - not really pocket sized, unless you have large pockets (luckily I do) and don't mind them bulging...
- Controls are fiddly, if you have big fingers. They do work fine, and feel fairly robust
- Screen menus are not the most intuitive - you will need to read the manual to find things
- Functional rather than elegant or stylish design! Not a problem for me, but it's a brick rather...
Product Features

Product descriptions
Description : - 16x Powerful Optical Zoom LEICA DC Lens from 24mm Ultra Wide-angle.
- 12.1-megapixel High Sensitivity MOS Sensor.
- Full HD Video Recording in AVCHD / MP4 Format.
- 10 fps Burst Shooting in Fulll Resolution and 0.1 sec Light Speed AF.
- POWER O.I.S. (Optical Image Stabilizer) with Active Mode to Suppress Blur.
- Creative Control, Panorama Shot and 3D Photo Mode.

Super Zoom Camera TZ25 - Featuring a Powerful 16x Optical Zoom LEICA DC Lens and Full HD Video Recording - Black
The DMC-TZ25 incorporates a 16x optical zoom LEICA DC lens from 24mm ultra wide-angle (35mm camera equivalent: 24-384mm), featuring Nano Surface Coating technology that minimizes ghosts and flaring. The 16x optical zoom increases its power to 32x equivalent with the Intelligent Zoom. This is an extensive zoom function using digital zoom with minimum deterioration of image quality thanks to the Intelligent Resolution technology.
The 12.1-megapixel MOS sensor boasts high speed signal output and high sensitivity image recording for making many advanced features possible. This enables the camera to record 10 fps in full resolution, and full HD video. The excellent S/N ratio of MOS sensor and the Intelligent Noise Reduction system in the Venus Engine makes both photos and videos shot at any sensitivity levels from low to high with outstanding clearness. The DMC-TZ25 also boasts approx.0.1 sec Light Speed AF that helps catching even the most fleeting photo opportunities.
The DMC-TZ25 is capable of recording full HD 1920 x 1080 videos in AVCHD / MP4 format. The AVCHD format excels in the compatibility with AV equipment like HDTVs or Blu-ray DiscTM players. The MP4 format has high compatibility with computers. A separate button lets you instantly start recording video without the need of extra settings. The 16x optical zoom, iA (Intelligent Auto) Mode and Creative Control are available in video recording. Videos also come with the high-quality so

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