Roxio Game Capture (Xbox 360/PS3) Best Price

Roxio Game Capture (Xbox 360/PS3)

Roxio Game Capture (Xbox 360/PS3)

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At last.
Finally a simple and cheap way to capture video from my PS3.

I've had the Roxio Game Capture for several weeks now and have to say I am impressed. I've been capturing game footage from my PC for years, making videos of EVE Online mainly, but now I can do the same from my PS3. I've been experimenting a lot, mainly making video's of Dirt 3, and find the whole process simple.

The Roxio Game Capture was easy to set up and the software you install on your computer is a breeze to use.

When I am finally happy with a video I have made, from an "artistic" point of view (Spielberg wouldn't release a sub standard film (ok ok, War of the Worlds and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull aside he hasn't)), I shall see if I can link it to this review.

If you've ever wanted to easily capture gaming footage from your console then the Roxio Game Capture does the trick nicely.

Product Features

  • Capture real-time gameplay from your Xbox 360 or PS3 while still playing in full HD
  • Perfect for bragging rights, showing high scores or posting your own game reviews
  • Add voice-over or webcam commentary; share on sites like WeGame, Facebook and YouTube?
  • Save to your PC for easy editing with the included powerful video editing software
  • Includes video capture device & cables just connect to your games console (game console component cables NOT INCLUDED)

Product descriptions
Description : Corel - Commercial Box Roxio Game Capture For Console EN/FR IN

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