The Chocolate Lovers' Club (Chocolate Great Price

The Chocolate Lovers' Club (Chocolate Lovers Club 1)

The Chocolate Lovers' Club (Chocolate Lovers Club 1)

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Bonded by friendship and chocolate!
This is the heartwarming story of four friends, brought together by a love of chocolate, but bonded together by their friendship.

Carole introduces fours different characters, all very different, and all with different problems. Yet despite their different backgrounds, they all manage to help and support each other.. often with hilarious outcomes.

As a reader, it's a joy to find that they're all likeable.. their situations are believeable, and you care about what happens to them. It's almost like having them as your friends too.

Although the ending does wrap up nicely, it's also left open for the sequel, which is out later this year. I'm very much looking forward to it.

This is one of the best 'chick lit' books I've read for some time, with an interesting mix of characters, and believeable situations. It's both touching and funny, and is highly recommended!

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Description : Paperback. Pub Date :2013-03-01 Pages: 416 Language: English Publisher: Little Brown Paperbacks For Lucy Lombard. theres nothing that chocolate cant cure. From heartache to headaches. its the one thing she knows that she can rely on - and shes not alone. Fellow chocolate addicts Autumn. Nadia and Chantal share her passion and together they form a select group known as The Chocolate Lovers Club. Whenever theres a crisis. they meet in their sanctuary. a cafe called Chocolate Heaven. And with a cheating boyfriend. a flirtatious boss. a gambling husband and a loveless marriage. theres always plenty to discuss ...

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