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The Chocolate Lovers' Diet

The Chocolate Lovers' Diet

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I'd recommend it to everyone
Having completely loved the Chocolate Lover's Club I was thrilled to see that Carole Matthews had written a sequel and that the "best girls" were back to entertain with yet more of their antics. This sequel picks up where the first one ends with ease and you slip straight back into the whirlwind lives of Lucy, Autumn, Nadia and Chantal. If you are concerned that sequels do not live up to first instalments then please do not worry, this sequel is just as witty and entertaining as the first book and you find yourself quickly wrapped up in the world of the Chocolate Lover's Club in yet another book I just couldn't put down! There is nothing else I can say other than this book is excellent and I'd recommend it to everyone!

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Description : Paperback. Pub Date :2013-03-01 Pages: 400 Language: English Publisher: Little Brown Paperbacks Survival tips for times of stress: 1. Take deep breaths2. Count to ten3. Eat chocolateLucy thought she had got her happily ever after with the gorgeous Aidan but things arent turning out the way she had hoped they would. But shes not the only one with problems - Autumns new boyfriend has yet to meet her parents. Nadias husband has sworn hes given up gambling but shes finding that hard to believe. and Chantal is doing all she can to save her marriage. Its clear that these girls are going to need a lot of chocolate.

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