Valueline Angled HDMI Adaptor Black Great Price

Valueline Angled HDMI Adaptor Black

Valueline Angled HDMI Adaptor Black

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If this is what you need - then this does the job great - check the orientation is correct before buying.
If you need one of these - then this does the job. We have a Samsung smart TV which has the HDM port located towards the side of the TV facing out - so the cable has to either be bent forcefully to keep it out of view - or fit one of these to angle it down.

Down side is that there appears to be only on version on-offer which depending on the orientation of your HDMI port could also angle the cable up into the air. The seller really needs to offer an alternative with the male connection rotated 180 degrees so either direction is accommodated. This would also be good for instances with two ports next to each other.

In summary - works well - so long as the direction of the elbow is correct for your installation. Check orientation before buying - is the bend/socket in the right direction if inserted into your socket?

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Description : This is the Valueline HDMI adapter HDMI connector right angled-HDMI input black [VGVP34904B]

This HDMI adapter with a right angled connector makes it possible for you to connect your HDMI cable to devices in tight spaces and enables you to place your TV closer to the wall. ...Contact us if you need more help.

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