Camlink 1.40m Carbon Fibre Tripod Top Price

Camlink 1.40m Carbon Fibre Tripod

Camlink 1.40m Carbon Fibre Tripod

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I love this tripod
I'm a tripod newbie with my Canon EOS M, having only previously used small tripods like the GorillaPod. This is what I've found so far:


Lightweight for its extendible length
Strong legs (carbon fibre)
Folds cleverly away backwards to minimize space
Very easy to lock positions (usually just a twist)
Very easy to quick-release the camera and re-attach it
A quality padded bag
Good build quality in general


Lack of supplied instructions (weak diagrams only)
No panning handle (I've never used one but it seems to be crying out for one)
Very small spirit levels (I have to strain to see them but they work fine)
Three of the release buttons are quite small and fiddly

I think I'm being quite picky with the cons; the pros far outweigh them and I think this is a lovely tripod. I can fit it into my rucksack and have taken it out along the Derbyshire edges and taken some great long...
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Description : This is the Camlink Carbon fibre tripod 1.40 m [CL-TPCARB2500]

Take the tripod along on all your shoots on location. Made from lightweight, ultra-strong carbon fibre, it is the perfect tool for frequent travellers.

Capacity up to 6.0 kg

Twist locks adjustable to any height

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