Konig Lightweight Stereo Headset Offers

Konig Lightweight Stereo Headset

Konig Lightweight Stereo Headset

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Microphone really bad
I bought this to use for Skype conversations and meetings. It is really bad. Maybe it's just my head set - but when I connect the microphone, it sends out so much noise that the meeting is ruined and the others can barely hear what I say.

Product Features

  • Equipped with soft ear pads
  • Very comfortable
  • Reduces environment noise
  • In-line vloume control
  • Made from robust material

Product descriptions
Description : This is the Konig Lightweight Stereo Headset with Mic 2m [CMP-HEADSET110]

This lightweight headset is equipped with soft ear pads, which makes them feel very comfortable. The microphone arm is flexible and reduces environment noises. The headset has an in-line volume control. ...Contact us if you need more help.

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