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Paper View: The Best of The Sunday Times Television Columns: The Best of the

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funny trawl through T.V.
Knowing A.A Gill through his food critic position at the Sunday Times I chanced upon this, a volume of his T.V. criticism. In contrast to his claim that he is a lover of television in the introduction he then proceeds to demolish just about everything in his path as a reviewer as unworthy, whether its soaps, sport, period drama, or sitcoms. This only makes it more readable and confirmed not a few of my own prejudices about the medium in often a very funny way. Although a lot of the material in this volume dates from the beginning of the 2000's its still well worth the ride.

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Description : The finest TV critic of our time talks about Sport, Sitcoms, News, the Weather, Children's programmes and 'Reality Television'. A.A. Gill has been the must-read television critic in the SUNDAY TIMES 'Culture' section for more than ten years. This collection of some of the best writing from his columns is broken down into themes - Sport, Costume Drama, Detectives, Children's Television, and News. And now it's over to A.A. Gill: 'Those who complain, usually from the Parnassian heights of print journalism, that TV is dumbed-down and peddles dross to the lowest common denominator, citing Big Brother or Celibate Love Island, miss the point...In barely a generation, the information from television has changed the way we see the world and everyone in it. That's no small achievement. Television really does make a difference...It can bring down walls, save lives and right wrongs. It can also tell you how to put a water feature on your patio...'

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