Philips S720/17 Series 1000 Click Top Price

Philips S720/17 Series 1000 Click and Style Shaver / Beard Trimmer in One

Philips S720/17 Series 1000 Click and Style Shaver / Beard Trimmer in One

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Excellent for trimming and shaving
This razor/trimmer is targetted to the 25 and under age group which my son fits into and the following is his review.
My previous experiences with electric razors has not been good, the hairs seem to be pulled out rather than shaved, I have sensitive skin.
Having had so many issues and with not enough time in the mornings for a wet shave I decided to try trimming my beard.
Since trying this razor my opinions have changed, it is so easy to use, including during a shower and I get a pain free experience.

This Philips razor changed my views on the electric razor when I realised I could have a pain free shave. Unlike my other trimmers that required guards to control the length of beard to be trimmed, this one has a single switch to change the hair length, very convenient.
To use said trimmer you simply pop off the shaving head and replace with trimming head. Both are easily cleaned by running under the water tap.
I highly recommend this razor, even for...
Product Features

  • SmartClick system with easy click on/ click off shaver and beard trimmer attachments
  • The dual rotary shaving attachment is designed for a close and clean shave with no nicks and cuts
  • Beard trimmer has 5 length settings: 1mm for perfect 3-day stubble to 5mm for a short beard
  • Water resistant shaver and attachments for use in shower
  • 1 hour of charge provides up to 40 minutes of use
  • This product comes with a 2-pin UK plug

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