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Let me start by being incredibly honest: I've read a LOT of books in this genre and then some. Every time I find a new one, I always get blindsided by my adoration of the hero that I, on a very biased basis, love it more than the last. Unsticky was probably the first time I've actually liked one of these books for the plot and for the heroine.

You can COMPLETELY invest in Grace. After reading 50 Shades (which I hated immediately), Bared To You (which I became bored with during the second book) and Beneath This Man (still undecided about this one) I knew that the reason I wasn't particularly enamoured with any was due to the female lead. None of them seem to work a right lot and when they actually are at their fantastical, ideal job then they get sent home because they have THE most understanding and lovely boss ever. Sarra Manning doesn't allow for this. She makes Grace an average woman with debt and a job where she's stuck in a rut, meaning that her acceptance of Vaughn's...
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