Fork Handles: The Bery Vest Best Price

Fork Handles: The Bery Vest of Ronnie Barker: 1

Fork Handles: The Bery Vest of Ronnie Barker: 1

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Billhooks! And other amusing exclamations
If like me you are a bloke of a certain age with a father of a rather less certain age for whom you seek a Christmas or birthday gift and if like me you are unable to buy him 1) sweets 2) alcohol 3) biscuits 4) cheese 5) car accessories 6) an adventure day to a racing circuit 7) a Tiger Moth flying experience or 8) a trip to a lap dancing type establishment, due to medical or physical constraints and refuse point blank to attempt the purchase of clothes he doesn't want and won't wear then you may turn to comedy.

If like mine, your father liked Ronnie Barker's work, then this is the 'Get out of Jail Card' you have been looking for. If like me you quite liked it too, then also like me - read it first - he won't mind!

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