Konig Stylish Retro Table Radio Best Price

Konig Stylish Retro Table Radio - Baby Blue

Konig Stylish Retro Table Radio - Baby Blue

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Very attractive decor radio.
Great looking radio. Lightweight. Reminds me of the one my Gran had in her kitchen, only a very cute baby blue rather than a dirty cream and brown. Nice sound with tone dial. Big dial which feels nice and easy to find stations. AM/FM. Takes 6 C (UM-2) batteries which is a damned nuisance as I'll have to buy them when I need them as not a size I ever have in the cupboard. Does have two normal mains leads. One for a three point plug and another for a two point plug.
Huge. Apparently the tendency for miniaturisation of appliances has gone into reverse lately, judging from the size of many that have come onto the market recently. I would have expected anything this size to be multi functional, and at least have an alarm and CD player, but it is very simply a very nice, very attractive, and very big, radio in a great colour that would grace any kitchen or bedroom.
A woman's choice.
An object d'art for interiors.
This is not a Swiss Army knife of sound systems for men.

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Description : ? Power: 1.5 W ? Power Supply: 9 V DC (6x UM2) batteries/230 V AC ? Dimensions: 301 x 80 x 210 mmData SheetType: Radio Band: AM/FM Dimensions: 301 x 80 x 210 mmBatteries: 6x C (UM-2) Arial: Telescopic Power Supply: 230 V

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