LG G2 Anti-Glare / Matte Best Price

LG G2 Anti-Glare / Matte Screen Protector (Pack of 2) - by Mobi Lock?

LG G2 Anti-Glare / Matte Screen Protector (Pack of 2) - by Mobi Lock?

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Works Great
I had previously used the "official" screen protector, which was a nightmare to place on, got bubbles of air trapped even using their scraper - spent hours trying to remove them all, and it was a nightmare to remove, had screen glare and cost a fair bit more than this protector.

It placed simply and smoothly (though my first attempt at lining up was pretty bad, but the protector removed quickly and easily), very few bubbles, and those were removed within a few minutes easily and without fuss. The matte screen made much more of a difference than I was expecting, I use my Xoom a lot to read books and the difference was incredible. The only downside is that there is a tiny tiny feeling of dragging as you move your finger on the screen to flick pages etc, when compared to non-matte screens, and I thought this would make a difference over time and become an annoyance. Not so, after a day or so of using it, I stopped noticing it.

To be honest, for the quality of the...
Product Features

  • This Screen Protector comes with an Anti Glare / Matte finish. Matte Screen Protectors reduce the glare of sunlight when using outdoors, but can create a slightly pixelated image when watching media and videos.
  • Protects against scratches, leaves no markings when removed and feels great to touch
  • Easy to apply with no cutting required and does not tear or fold during application. You should use tape to remove any dust on the screen and a Bank Card to remove air bubbles.
  • The reason for the split between Positive and Negative Reviews is because of counterfeit Mobi Lock products sold under our Mobi Lock Brand. Therefore the majority of the negative reviews are not a true reflection of the quality of the product. Mobi Lock is a registered Trade Mark owned by Lock Sourcing Limited so please make sure you order from Lock Sourcing Limited in order to avoid receiving lower quality products. Sellers selling under our brand will be prosecuted in accordance with the Law
  • Please note that it can be difficult to apply a Screen Protector to a device so we suggest that you view and follow this online tutorial before attempting it. This will help you avoid bubbles and get the best results from your Screen Protector: http://locksourcing.com/video.html

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