Silverstone SST-AP121-BL 12cm Air Penetrator Great Price

Silverstone SST-AP121-BL 12cm Air Penetrator LED PC Fan - Blue

Silverstone SST-AP121-BL 12cm Air Penetrator LED PC Fan - Blue

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Good solid performer
This is a cracking fan.

It comes well packaged with 4 silcone fan mounting screws, 4 standard screws and voltage reduction cables. Excellent start.

Fitting is as straight forward as any other 120mm fan. Ran mine with the side of the case off for a while in comparison to my old one and there was a noticeable difference. Any fan is loud at full speed but this can be adjusted. The other side of the fan has a special grill to focus the air, hence it being called 'penetrator' and I found this works really well. It was channlling the air nicely and I placed it in fornt of my gfx card. This has had teh effect of extra cooling on the card by focusing air on it whcih the card is then exhausting.

Very good, solid card with great performance. Comes in a cracking little package. The blue LED is not too intrusive but this woudl depend on personal preference.

Product Features

  • Height:2.5 cm
  • Product Type:Case fan
  • Colour:Blue, silver
  • Width:12 cm
  • Depth:12 cm

Product descriptions
Description : Silverstone SST-AP121-BL - SST-AP121-BL Blue LED Air Penetrator 120mm FAN 1500rpm

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