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Meet Professor Challenger
This was the first of Conan Doyle's Professor Challenger stories, and arguably still the best. Narrated by journalist Edward Malone, this is the tale of how he went about meeting Professor Challenger, and hopefully uncovering a hoax, but instead found himself on an expedition with Challenger, Professor Summerlee, and Lord John Roxton.

Since Professor Challenger has come back from South America no one will believe him about strange creatures, even though he shows his evidence. In the end a small expedition is mounted to determine whether Challenger is pulling a hoax, or indeed has found an undiscovered area, where dinosaurs still walk the Earth.

Full of adventure at the discovery of a 'lost world' our intrepid explorers have more to deal with than dinosaurs, there are also two different tribes in the area, and our group seem to be stranded for all time. Will they ever be able to return to the normal world, or even survive their trip?

I suspect like many...
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Description : One of the greatest adventure stories ever writtenForget the Michael Crichton book (and Spielberg movie) that copied the title. This is the original: the terror-adventure tale of The Lost World. Writing not long after dinosaurs first invaded the popular imagination, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle spins a yarn about an expedition of two scientists, a big-game hunter and a journalist (the narrator) to a volcanic plateau high over the vast Amazon rain forest. The bickering of the professors (a type Doyle knew well from his medical training) serves as witty contrast to the wonders of flora and fauna they encounter, building toward a dramatic moonlit chase scene with a Tyrannosaurus Rex. And the character of Professor George E. Challenger is second only to Sherlock Holmes in the outrageous force of his personality: he's a big man with an even bigger ego, and if you can grit your teeth through his racist behaviour towards the natives, he's a lot of fun.

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