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The Sign of Four

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the exploits of the "World's First Consulting Detective"
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was at a dinner on 30th August 1889 with (amongst others) Oscar Wilde and JM Stoddart. Conan Doyle called this a "golden evening" in this autobiography.

Never heard of Mr Stoddart? Few people have.

Mr Stoddart was the Managing Editor of the US monthly magazine "Lippincott" and was the man who commissioned Conan Doyle to write "The Sign of the Four". In 1890, Conan Doyle had fulfilled the commission and, "The Sign of the Four" and it was published in the US and the UK. Wilde wrote and submitted "The Picture of Dorian Gray" as his part of the commission.

Interestingly the story has changed its name a number of times: "The Sign of the Four", "The Sign of Four", "Sign of the Four" and "Sign of Four". It is now back to the original "The Sign of the Four".

The story:

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