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#1 BEST Detangling Brush - Lily England Detangler brush for?Wet, Dry, Fine, Thick, or Kids Hair - All Hair Types.?No More Tangle!?100% Lifetime?'Happiness' Guarantee!?Gold

#1 BEST Detangling Brush - Lily England Detangler brush for?Wet, Dry, Fine, Thick, or Kids Hair - All Hair Types.?No More Tangle!?100% Lifetime?'Happiness' Guarantee!?Gold

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I had long hair for most of my life and been always struggling when brushing my hair. I have been buying so many hair products and about as many hair brushes, some more expensive than others. When I came across the Lily England Detangling hair brush I told myself that this will be my last try and IT IS because I don't ever want another brush!!! Brushing my hair went from being a nightmare to being a pleasure and something that I would sometimes overdue simply because I love the feeling of my hair becoming so smooth and easy to manage.Some might thing I am crazy but any woman out there that had a problems with tangling hair, knows exactly what I mean.
The Lily England Detangling hair brush is everything the description says it is and MORE! After using it myself a while, I decided to get one for each member of my family.
I TOTALLY RECOMMEND THIS BRUSH. It arrived way faster than expected and it is much , much better than I could ever hope for! A Lily England Detangling hair...
Product Features

  • HEY GOOD LOOKIN! Do you want a hair brush that keeps your hair smooth, tangle free and will look great on your dressing table? Our new film-star-worthy silver or gold detangler will make your friends bristle with envy.
  • DETANGLES HAIR IN SECONDS: Tame your tangles with our pain-free brush. Made with innovative high quality, 274 flexible bristles that will gently glide through knots creating less friction than ordinary hairbrushes resulting in reduced hair loss and breakage.
  • WORKS ON ALL HAIR TYPES! Whether you have fine, thick, curly, straight, wet or dry hair you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effortless our hair brush is. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it.
  • THE HAIR BRUSH EVERY GIRL NEEDS! Ideal for hairstylists, women and the best detangling brush for kids - no more tears and tantrums. This brush is satisfying to hold and built to last for years.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We guarantee you will LOVE the Lily England Detangling Hair Brush, or we'll give you your money back. Any problems and one of our co-founders will answer your email personally.

Product descriptions
Description :

Ask yourself - are you guilty of torturing your hair with cheap and useless hairbrushes that rip, yank and tear knots from your hair? If the answer is yes, help is at hand from the new innovative painless detangler from Lily England

NO MORE having to rip out hairs to get rid of those pesky knots

NO MORE dreading washing your hair because you know what will come next

NO MORE looking at a huge clump of hair in your brush and thinking "that can't be good"

How can our innovative detangler brush design fix all of this?

The secret lies in the unique and clever distribution of the 274 bristles positioned at strategically different heights. This cleverly splits the pressure applied on your hair so that it is enough to remove a tangle but not enough to pull your hair out. The bristles are designed to be flexible to gently glide through knots without damaging your cuticles. The result? Hair perfection.

The luxe gold or silver design will take pride of place on your dressing table

What else is awesome about the design?

The brush has smooth rounded bristle tips that stimulate your scalp

Our ergonomically designed brush handle fits right into the palm of your hand and makes brushing your hair faster and easier

Risk free guarantee!

If for any reason you don't like the brush or you need a replacement we have a 60 day guarantee. Just get in touch and we will send you a replacement or refund. Customer satisfaction is our No.1 priority

Why not buy one in each colour or buy a few now as early Christmas presents?

Order yours today before we run out of stock!

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