Dali E-9 F - subwoofers Great Price

Dali E-9 F - subwoofers (Active, 37 - 200 Hz, 40 - 120 Hz, Black, Walnut)

Dali E-9 F - subwoofers (Active, 37 - 200 Hz, 40 - 120 Hz, Black, Walnut)

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Product Features

  • Auto On/Off
  • Wood

Product descriptions
Description : Don't be fooled by its compact size, the Dali Fazon E-9F is a devastatingly effective subwoofer.PART OF THE FIVE STAR, AWARD-WINNING FAZON 5.1 PACKPartnered with the Dali Fazon 1 5.1 system, the E-9F subwoofer helped secure the system Best traditional package £700-£1500 in the 2013 Awards and a five-star review in What Hi-Fi magazine. Considered one of the finest budget subwoofers from Dali in some time, the E-9F certainly doesn't want for critical praise.ALUMINIUM WOOFERFeaturing a 9 inch, aluminium woofer unit, the Dali E-9F is capable of moving a great deal of air with piston-like efficiency. Aluminium is extremely light yet rigid, ensuring that the E-9F is both quick to respond yet also subtle enough to provide a textured bass response. Attached to the cone you'll find a quad layer voice coil and large magnet. These give the E9F not only great bass control but also long term reliability.170 WATTS OF PURE POWERWith its Class D, digital amplifier built-in, the E9F produces an immense 170 watts. This low distortion amplifier provides the bass cone with a powerful, well-balanced sound that works well even in the largest of rooms.IN CONTROL AND LOOKING FINESituated on the rear panel of the E-9F you'll find controls for volume, phase and frequency cut-off. There's also the option of auto power for added ease of use. For a clean, purposeful look, the E-9F uses a magnetic grille fixing to give smooth lines when removed.With Danish style and sound, plus a tight, tuneful bass, the Dali E9F is hard to beat.

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