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Logi BLOK Protective Shell Case for iPad Air 2 - Black/Red

Logi BLOK Protective Shell Case for iPad Air 2 - Black/Red

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Not for me I'm afraid.
I've decided to stick with the type of covers I already own. I prefer the option of a stand and find it isn't noticeably heavier than the Bloc to hold.

It is nigh on impossible to get my iPad into this case and, having wasted an hour trying to do so, I have given up because I just know that, if I do, it will certainly not come out again. Now, I know you don't want it loose but this is excessively difficult in my view and I am too afraid of damaging my screen by applying too much pressure on it to persevere any longer.

I also had a damaged screen protector sent to me with the case. It had a crease in it which looked even worse once I put it on the iPad. I like the screen wipe, drying cloth and dust remover though and would buy these on their own. If you have a case that covers the screen when not in use then I think thT this cleaning kit is all you need. I've had my iPad Air for ages now and it is in as new condition without the need for screen protector tor,...
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