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A good book worthy of the purchase price
A good book worthy of the purchase price. I do think though that black and white photographs could be replaced by colour (with the exception perhaps of the vintage equipment shown). Pictures of PC screen images in particular would benefit greatly from colour. It is only for this reason that the I have marked the book down by 1 star.
It would also have been nice to have seen some of the more modern computer interfaces which are available for purchase, either with a built in sound card or ones that use the PC sound card for decoding/encoding signals.
One nice touch is that the book contains a CD of various free programs for use with RTTY and BPSK31. I personally would still check for the latest version on the internet prior to installation. One of my favourites is lacking from the list: “FLDIGI” - and is one I highly recommend.

Product Features

  • Data modes appear to be a daunting prospect to newly licensed radio amateurs, but they do not have to be. This book is a practical guide to the two most popular data modes, RTTY and PSK31.
  • This book is an expanded and fully updated 2nd edition of the popular RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs. At 50% bigger that the 1st edition, there is no better guide to these data modes. Readers will find details of where to find data modes on the amateur bands, through getting started, to making the most from both these modes. DXpeditions and contests use these modes and there is lots of information on getting the best from these too.
  • RTTY is the oldest real Data mode and was first used on the amateur bands over 50 years ago. In those days it was a complex mode to use, with teleprinters and home made transmitters to modify. However, in the computer age, it is much easier to both use and set up. RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs provides you will all you need to know to get the most out of this fascinating area of amateur radio.
  • Free CD The free CD that accompanies this book has also been fully updated to provide a wealth of amateur radio data mode programs to get you started. You will also find reviews of equipment, lots of reference material, videos, web links and essential reading for anybody interested in Data.
  • Warning RTTY and PSK31 for Radio Amateurs does though carry a warning: Buying this book may lead to an enjoyment of RTTY, PSK31 and Data modes in general that is highly addictive!

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