Sweex 650VA Intelligent Power Supply Great Price

Sweex 650VA Intelligent Power Supply Unit

Sweex 650VA Intelligent Power Supply Unit

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Unbelievably awful, fails at the basic duty of power supply then fails some more
The Sweex PP200 is unbelievably awful in ways you just wouldn't consider possible for a UPS. First and foremost, it failed catastrophically FIRST TIME a real power outage occurred. I'd had the UPS online for about six months, so it was definitely fully charged and battery in-date, with one PC on standby plus a NAS box in low power mode. So the total draw couldn't have been more than 100 watts. I move some furniture around, accidentally pull the plug out of the mains wall socket, and poof, the UPS dies. It didn't just die in terms of not keeping power going to the PC and the NAS box, it also died *totally*, unable to turn it back on at all. Waited an hour in case it was a thermal cut out, still wouldn't turn back on. Replaced the internal fuse, which didn't look broken but anyway, still wouldn't turn back on. Thankfully my equipment survived but God only knows what would have happened if my PC hadn't had been in standby or if the NAS box had had its discs spinning. As if that wasn't...
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Description : SWEEX PP200 Sweex (PP200) 650VA UPS 360W USB 4 Socket Microprocessor Controlled

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