Triceratops Dinosaur Dig Kit -Excavate Top Price

Triceratops Dinosaur Dig Kit -Excavate 3 Real Dino Fossils!

Triceratops Dinosaur Dig Kit -Excavate 3 Real Dino Fossils!

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A treat for budding archaeologists.
This is a really good engaging kit. But it is no easy job.

The block is not just packed sand and it can take hours to get your fossils out. Children who like an intense task and have lots of drive are ideal for this as well as obviously dinosaur fans. My Daughter who is 6 3/4 needed lots of help an encouragement to keep going. As a tip we found all of our fossils within the green dino shape rather than around the edges.

A little messy (little miss msu said the tray we were working on looked like the desert) with dust/sand so have the hoover on standby.

The toy Dino is good for an older child to assemble otherwise the adult might need to get involved.

As a teaching assistant I can see how educational this is - it's not just a toy or craft activity.

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