Ultra ? Iphone 6 6s Top Price

Ultra ? Iphone 6 6s Black Flip Case 2800Mah 2800 mAh Solar Powered Charging charger Case 4.7" rechargeable protective case/cover external battery i6 iO9

Ultra ? Iphone 6 6s Black Flip Case 2800Mah 2800 mAh Solar Powered Charging charger Case 4.7

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Great solar charger
Brilliant kit works and charges brilliantly, the solar takes longer then a normal cable to charge but it’s a small panel so I’m not surprised, but it does its job still.

Product Features

  • Iphone 6 4.7" solar charger which is iOS9 compatible and below
  • 2800mAh over 1.5 times your original battery included in this external power bank/protective case
  • Eco friendly materials used for production
  • Includes a micro USB charging cable
  • Easy on/off button and power indicators on the rear

Product descriptions
Description : Introduction

We are pleased to be bring to you the latest in Technology for your Iphone 6 standard 4.7" phone iOS9 compatible . This is an external flip cover/case with built in battery back up and solar charger , meaning you are no longer restricted to your original battery and you can also charge your phone without the need for a charging cable and on the move which makes it an essential buy for people who travel frequently or need access to longer life in their battery, utilising a 23% conversion rate for solar energy, our new V1.0 is our latest solar product on the market in the slim line case

For example, when hiking, camping, on the beach of at work with this long lasting Lithium Polymer battery, you can have power at your fingertips for longer and no need to worry about running out of battery in emergency situations, this also doubles as an external power pack and does not need solar energy to charge your phone when charged itself

This comes in a flip style cover/case which also offers your screen and phone protection, so while on the move you can collect and charge your phone from the sun directly or most indoor lighting, which can be stored in the power bank for when you need it and which can then be transferred or used to charge your phone when you need it.


Compatible:iphone 6 4.7 inches

Capacities:2800mah Li-Polymer rechargeable battery

Output Volltage and Current:5V 0.5A

Input Volltage and Current:5V 0.5A

Charging time for iPhone 6:Approx 2 hours.

Charging time for the battery case:Approx 4-5hours.

Net Weight:106g

Dimensions: 140X70X12mm

Ultra is a registered trademark of EasyPeasyStore

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