300 Single Best Answers in Offers

300 Single Best Answers in Clinical Medicine

300 Single Best Answers in Clinical Medicine

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Description :

This book is a question book that offers single best answers (SBA) to 300 questions related to topics in general medicine. In order to further enhance knowledge and understanding, detailed answers have been included. This book is designed as both a revision and learning aid, with questions being set in a mock-examination format which can be completed under timed conditions.

The primary target audience of this book is clinical medical students who are revising for examinations. However, questions have been planned in a way that a fairly large secondary target audience will be reached as well. This includes students who are transitioning from pre-clinical to clinical.

As recently qualified medical graduates who have had the option of both online and book-based questions, the authors feel that students often prefer a Single Best Answers book that aids them in advancing their medical knowledge rather than online question banks, which can often have very repetitive and one-dimensional questions. Having questions in paper format replicates examination conditions better than online question banks and, therefore, offers a more realistic revision experience. In addition, though SBAs are becoming increasingly more common as an examination style with medical schools, there are very few SBA question books available. As such, medical students will find this book highly useful in the preparation for their examinations.


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Readership: The primary target audience is clinical medical students, especially final year undergraduates. A fairly large secondary target audience will be reached as well and this includes students who are transitioning from pre-clinical to clinical, as well as junior doctors.
Key Features:

  • The questions written are realistic, case-based questions which are of very high quality and are similar in style to questions set in medical school examinations

  • Multi-dimensional questions that encourage problem solving skills. The reader will need to understand and be able to connect multiple pieces of information together, as doctors do in real life situations

  • Dr Beynon is an experienced author of several medical revision/question books, mainly for MRCP level exams. He is also a renowned teacher for both students and doctors studying for the MRCP

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