Garmin Edge 500 GPS Bike Great Price

Garmin Edge 500 GPS Bike Computer - Blue/Silver

Garmin Edge 500 GPS Bike Computer - Blue/Silver

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Ive had the EDGE 500 for almost a year now and I can't think of anything thats given me better value for money. At first I just used it for motivation on rides, just to see how much I was improving. I then started to program in alarms for cadence, speed and HR for specific goals. I then started using it in the gym and dissecting the workouts on Garmin connect and trainingpeaks. You can pull out all kinds of data to improve workouts. My last experience with the EDGE 500 came about a week ago when I forgot to take it out of my sweatshirt after a run and my wife washed the whole unit. Im not talking about the chest strap....the actual unit. That bad boy spent 90 minutes at 45 Celcius spining at 1600 RPM and came out laughing. So I am baffled when I read the reviews about people having issues with raindrops. This is a great device.

Product Features

  • Garmin Edge 500: Small and lightweight high-sensitivity GPS bike computer
  • Tracks your speed, distance, position, altitude, climb and descent and heart rate (with optional accessory)
  • Training features include 'Courses' to race against previous activities, AutoLap, Auto Pause and temperature readings
  • For extra-precise climb and descent data, Edge 500's barometric altimeter pinpoints changes in elevation
  • Review, relive and replay your rides by uploading your training data to Garmin Connect(TM)

Product descriptions

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