iSkin DUON-G1O1 Duo case for Best Price

iSkin DUON-G1O1 Duo case for iPod? Nano - Carbon Blast. (Grey Outer, Orange Inner)

iSkin DUON-G1O1 Duo case for iPod? Nano - Carbon Blast. (Grey Outer, Orange Inner)

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Product Features

  • The fantastic fourThe iSkin Duo for iPod nano looks great feels great and works great. In a class of its own the patent pending dual layer design creates beautiful color combinations that make every iPod nano as unique as you are. The iSkin Duo for iPod nano comes in four color combinations that include glow-in-the-dark.
  • Get chargedThe Duo sports integrated port covers for both the docking and earphone ports to keep dust and dirt from entering the iPod when not being used.
  • Glow with the flow In true iSkin style the Duo for iPod nano is available in our Ultra-Glo phosphorescent colors that glow a vibrant blue after being exposed to light.
  • Get a grip on thingsMicro-goosebumps and a non-slick surface gives you a sure grip on your iPod nano even with moist hands. It?s also great when placed on your dashboard or any angled surface.
  • Clearly protectedThe Duo?s ultra-clear polycarbonate screen protector sits above the iPodnano?s screen to prevent scratches and damage. It also helps to protect against objects coming in contact with your screen while the iPod?s in your bag or pocket.

Product descriptions
Description : When it comes to your iPod nano keeping it safe from everyday hazards is a priority. The iSkin Duo for iPod nano is the answer to protecting your investment with style and functionality that is a step above all others. Utilizing iSkin's patent pending dual-layer design the Duo for iPod nano integrates a thin inner layer with an elegant outer layer to create the maximum barrier against dirt dust and wear that could lead to damage of the nano. It's perfectly molded to cover all surfaces of the iPod right down to the docking and earphone ports. It comes with an ultra-clear screen protector removable rotary belt clip and click wheel cover making it the most comprehensive protector in its class. ?Inner Space? The iSkin Duo?s inner layer gives the iPod light weight protection with added side shock absorbers and click-wheel protection. It can be used alone when using Apple?s lanyard earbuds or other third-party accessories that connect to the bottom of the iPod? nano. For maximum protection combine with the Duo's outer layer. ?Outer Space? By adding the stylishly cool outer layer you can give your iPod? nano the ultimate in protection and functionality with the addition of an ultra-clear screen protector rotary belt clip and click-wheel cover. This design makes for the most flexible protection for your iPod nano. It's designed and engineered for complete protection yet retains functionality aesthetics and size of the iPod. For more information and detailed product photographs please click here. iSkin?s patent-pending dual-layer design brings together crucial protective elements that encapsulate the iPod? nano and protect it from harm. Layer 1 : 1.0 mm inner silicone layer Layer 2: 1.0mm outer silicone layer Add ons: Screen protector clickwheel protector Computer Shopper Review: The iSkin Duo for iPod nano was recently reviewed and received 5/5 and a Best Buy Rating : iPods may be stylish but as Apple doesn't sell them with cases they can soon look rough around th

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