Konig Stylish Retro Table Radio Great Price

Konig Stylish Retro Table Radio - Brown

Konig Stylish Retro Table Radio - Brown

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Radio fun
Let's get one thing out the way first. This is NOT a digital radio. Got that?

When I was of an age when colour telly had yet to reach the UK (and no one ever had more that one TV) and anything to do with the 'net' was a reference to either football, tennis or fishing, my mum had a radio in the kitchen (grey and blue if I recall). Other than the colour and the brand, this is a replica of that.

I should say 'sort of', as there are differences. Aesthetically, this Konig radio is a shiny brown colour made to give off a wood effect front and back with the handle and control panel being the same. The rest is cream. The control panel has on/off/volume and a tone knob, and AM/FM buttons. The middle button is there merely for show and to make the whole thing uniform. Round the back is the aerial, mains socket (both three and two pin leads are supplied) and compartment for SIX type C batteries.

The front is where the fun is. You have to turn a knurled dial to...
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Description : This is the Konig Retro design AM/FM radio brown [HAV-TR710BR]

Use the large dial scale to tune in to any station. The retro design AM/FM radio is equipped with volume and tone control to adjust sound clarity. ...Contact us if you need more help.

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