Metaltex Garlic Press and Cherry Best Price

Metaltex Garlic Press and Cherry Stoner in Aluminium

Metaltex Garlic Press and Cherry Stoner in Aluminium

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Ever been had?
This is like when you join a dating agency and get a photo of some pretty smoking hot babe and you meet her and she looks like she's been hit by a croquet mallet and you discover the "photo of her" was "a photo of her if she was someone else" which is both slanderous and sexist and so this review probably won't make it to Amazon. But having opened my "great addition to the kitchen" and discovered it to a "one-off Lidl special" as opposed to the "sumptuous Marks & Spencers exclusive" that I had expected I actually thought "to hell with it. It is 3 lousy quid." I gave more than that to the scouts for packing my shopping the other week so what does it matter?

It's not that the quality is awful, which it is, or that the product I have only bears a passing resemblance to the photo shown, it' wait - yeah it IS those things.

And here I am - 39 years old, writing a bad review over a GARLIC PRESS. What the...
Product Features

  • A high quality aluminium garlic press
  • designed exclusively by Metaltex
  • Includes a cherry pitter/olive stoner
  • A great addition to any kitchen and dishwasher safe
  • Easy to clean, strong and lightweight

Product descriptions
Description : Garlic Press. With Cherry Stone Remover. Aluminium

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