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Really enjoyable
I so enjoyed reading this book. It caught me up and didn't let me go til I had finished it. The story revolves around Poppy who, after a brief conversation with a man (Tom) she meets on her hen night, realises that she can't marry her fiancee the next day. She does the decent and rather traumatic thing and tells Rob it's all off on the morning of the wedding, but misses her chance to find out if Tom could really be the one. In the ensuing uproar, Rob lets slip the family secret that Poppy's father is not the cold, unfeeling man that brought her up, instead she is the product of a summer fling that her mother had long ago with a man who fled back to his wife in London. With that, Poppy moves to London herself, with several motives: find Tom, find her real father, find herself a better life. She ends up living with gorgeous artist and total man-whore, Caspar and snobby, moody Claudia. If she finds her father, will he want to know her? If she finds Tom, will their relationship be what...
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