Philips 12972-XPS2 H7 Extreme Power Great Price

Philips 12972-XPS2 H7 Extreme Power Kit (2 x Bulbs)

Philips 12972-XPS2 H7 Extreme Power Kit (2 x Bulbs)

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Phillips H7 Extreme Car Headlight Bulbs
The difference these bulbs make is incredible. They add 20 metres of vision on dipped beam. They also give greater confidence for night driving by illumination at least five metres either side of the road. You will never appreciate the difference until you try them.

Product Features

  • Extreme Power - Racing Performance. H7 - 12v 55w.
  • Up to 80% more light than a standard bulb.
  • The new X-treme, X-plosive concentrate of technology. Palladium-coated head and chrome-coated base.
  • Special anti-reflex coating. Improved geometrical filament design. New gas composition and adapted pressure. Quartz glass with new optical finish.
  • To make sure that this is the correct lamp for your car, please remove old lamp from the car headlight to see if it has H7 or 477 marked on it or check your owners manual.

Product descriptions
Description : *****Auto Express Review of Philips Xtreme Power Bulbs*****

*****5 Star Rating*****

BEST BUY: 50 PLUS Our reigning Accessory of the Year proved again why it's a winner, putting in an outstanding performance in the light tunnel. We didn't need to look at the figures, but they confirmed this plus 80 per cent lamp was ahead of the rest, with its sharp cut-off and big hot-spot. Easily our champ. RRP ?32.99

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