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Profigold High Performance CD Lens Cleaner

Profigold High Performance CD Lens Cleaner

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After Repeated Use it Fixed My Multi-Disc CD Changer!
After about 7 years, my 6-Disc Onkyo CD changer started to act funny; it skipped a lot and sometimes just stopped playing. It was clear to me that something had obstructed the laser lens enough to cause this and as I had not really used the player as often as I used to I decided to get a cd lens cleaner. I did a lot of research and I had to put up with a number of reviewers who swore against this course of action balanced with others who swore for this and to cut a long story short I decided to roll the dice on this particular cleaner. I liked the fact that it has 10 brushes and as I had never even once considered cleaning the lens of my player since I first got it 7 years ago I thought that a massive amount of cleaning would be required and I equated that logic with as many brushes that I could find!

First off it is very easy to use; you just slip it into the player and it tells you exactly what to do taking barely a few seconds to make the first pass at cleaning. I...
Product Features

  • Voice-guided twelve brush lens cleaner to ensure superior sound and CD/ CD-ROM performance.
  • 12 Brush CD lens cleaner
  • Ensures superior sound
  • Extends the lifetime of your CD/SACD player.

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