T-Rex Dinosaur Dig Kit -Excavate Offers

T-Rex Dinosaur Dig Kit -Excavate 3 Real Dino Fossils!

T-Rex Dinosaur Dig Kit -Excavate 3 Real Dino Fossils!

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This way dinosaur fans
This is the second kit i have had to review how ever they are very similar the difference being this one comes with a model separate where as the other one can be dug up my daughter preferred the other one Ultimate Dinosaur Science Kit - Dig Up and Assemble a T-Rex Skeleton! These kits are fantastic and would make an ideal gift for any dinosaur fan.
I got this for my dinosaur mad daughter and she has had great fun using this she was so excited to use the magnifying glass,brush and excavation tool to carefully reveal three fossils. Thea t-rex was easy to piece together and has been added to her collection.
There is a guide on how to piece it together however.
The actual digging block is of a good size ideal for small hands it has a t-rex on the front and its thrilling digging up all the pieces that are hidden away in there.
You also receive a stand up card with a t-rex on and an activity booklet with...
Product Features

  • T-Rex Dinosaur Dig Kit -Excavate 3 Real Dino Fossils!

Product descriptions
Description : BECOME A PALEONTOLOGIST - Excavate a genuine dinosaur bone, mosasaur tooth, and dino poop fossil and add them to your rock collection!, 3D T-REX PUZZLE - Build a tyrannosaurus rex action figure and display it in your dinosaur diorama (included), EXCITING ARCHEOLOGY LESSON - This hands-on activity kit fosters a love of science while teaching children about fossils the fun way!, A HOMESCHOOL FAVORITE - A complete science kit that serves as the perfect stand-alone school project that boys and girls love!, AWARD-WINNING QUALITY - Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, join the 1000's of parents who have chosen this award-winning science toy

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