A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Offers

A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes)

A Study in Scarlet (Sherlock Holmes)

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Wonderfully entertaining
It is 1878 and Doctor John Watson, his health damaged by his experiences with the British Army in Afghanistan during the Second Anglo-Afghan War, is looking for lodgings in the great city of London. It seems fortuitous, when a mutual friend introduces him to another who needs someone to share costs on a suite on Baker Street, but this other man is quite an eccentric. Sherlock Holmes has bent his life and education towards turning himself into the premier detective.
Watson can hardly credit Holmes's claims of what a first-class detective can do. But, when a note arrives from a Scotland Yard detective, inviting Holmes to consult on a particularly mysterious murder, Watson soon finds himself carried along by Holmes, watching his new friend's powers unravel a seemingly inscrutable knot. The game is afoot, and Holmes needs to solve a murder, and bring a murderer to justice.
This fascinating book was first published in 1887, and was the very first Sherlock Holmes story. In it we...
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Description : Two American travelers have been killedone with poison, the other with a knife through the heartand the only clues at the scene are a woman's wedding ring and the German word for "vengeance" written in blood. The military surgeon Dr. John Watson is brought in to investigate, along with his clever, arrogant new roommate, Sherlock Holmes. Thus begins one of the most famous crime-solving partnerships of all time in this debut of one of literature's most remarkable detectives. Doyle borrowed his major elementsthe detective of superhuman intellect; cases as fantastical as they are criminal; the final, dramatic resolutionfrom the works of Edgar Allan Poe, adding his own distinctive touches.

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